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Advertisement Description: Advertiser may sign up for a contract period between 1 and 12 months duration for a single advertising space on the (The St.Kitts Nevis List)  web site. The advertisement will appear on the web site Home Page and subsequent pages on the right column. This advertisement will be in a random rotation with up to 6 other advertisements (a new ad appearing when the page is refreshed or a new page is linked to).
Advertisement size: Up to 300 pixels wide by 300 pixels high (.gif or .jpg format) 50 kb or less file size, animations acceptable.
Advertisement may contain: Company logo, Slogan, Individual Company web site link, general information about the company that can fit into the advertising space described above.
Circle 1 Option: 
1. Ad Type #1 - Post a Press Release (approx 5k daily impressions):1 time charge USD 20.00
2. Ad Type #2 - Post a Special Alert / Blast email (approx 5k recipients): 1 time charge USD 100.00 (4k ***)
3. Ad Type #3 - Purchase website ad space (over 5,000 recipents): 1 or 5 or 10 time charges of USD 100.00
4. Affiliate #4 - SKNList Email Affiliate - (up to 10,000* recipients) :  USD150 per month for 12 months
5.  Affiliate #5 - SKNList TOP Banner Affiliate -
USD200 per month for 12 months

*** For BLAST to 10k - Please call.  
(Design services are available at extra cost.)
Make Checks Payable To: (The St.Kitts-Nevis List)

A completed and signed advertising contract, all camera-ready artwork for
advertisement and basic ad information/layout, should be sent to:
Attn.: Sales / Advertising -Web Site Workgroup
St.Kitts West indies 00265 /

The above information needs to be received at least three (3) days before the date that your contract will start. Once your advertisement is placed on the web site, no changes shall be made for the remainder of your contract time, unless a fundamental error has been made, and it needs to be corrected.

Advertising on the web site is on a first-come first-served basis. To give all interested parties a fair chance, automatic renewals are not to be expected. If your advertisement is currently being featured, you may not reapply for another contract until 3 weeks before your current contract ends. If you are not currently being featured, you may submit your contract as soon as you wish, but no later than 3 days before your contract time is to begin.

You will receive a notice via email confirming your advertising contractís acceptance, and informing you of your scheduled feature months, or you will receive a notice (either by mail, phone or fax), requesting that you select an alternate contract time, depending upon space availability. A check for the cost of the advertising must be paid in full to the address above within one week of receiving your confirmation notice, or your reservation will be cancelled for that contract period.

About your Company Company Name: ____________________________
Contact Name: ____________________________
Contact Phone #: ____________________________
Date contract was sent: ____________________________
Contract duration requested (12 months maximum):

START:  Month: ______________ Year:_____
DURATION (maximum 12 months): _____ month(s).

Content of advertisement: (please check all that apply)
  Company Logo Company Address & Phone Number
Company Slogan Company Web Site Link: __________________
Photograph or Graphic
Timely Information (ie Company Anniversary, Grand Opening,
Relocation, etc.): (please list)

Other (please list):
Legal I / We have thoroughly read, understand and agree to all of the terms and rules mentioned in the Web Site Advertising Contract and Agreement put forth by the I / We would like to enter into this contract for the term described within the Contract and Agreement, and will make payment for the full amount of the advertising cost mentioned in the contract of: $___________ . _______ within one week of contract acceptance, or else forfeit this contract and all agreements made within. ( I / We further understand that if we forfeit a contract, I / we may reapply for a forthcoming contract term.)

Signature of Advertiser: ______________________________________
Name of Advertiser (please print clearly): _________________________
Date Contract Signed: _______________________________________


Signature of Contract Acceptance: ___________________________
Date Acceptance Signed: ___________________________________
Deadline for Contract Fee Payment Receipt:
This amount: _____________________ needs to be paid in full by: ____________  otherwise the contract will be forfeited.



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